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Updated on 2/22/2022
Reviews and Build Tutorials

Site is under construction and will be updated in the coming months. Site will soon become a review and build tutorial website (Mainly Build Tutorials). The site already has some great build tutorials from rock crawling to RC tank builds. We also have some great resources on modeling paint, tips, tricks and scale model information to help you with your next model build project.

German King Tiger

Still have remaining inventory still available from our store closure and will be sold either by email or on EBay (Mostly be email). Payment will be made by PayPal only, but a credit card can be used when paying with PayPal.

If you have questions regarding our remaining inventory or pricing?
Please email me (Gene) at

Please note; All prices quoted will be at least 40% or more off your entire order and all sales are final. Free shipping on all orders over $50 (email orders only).

All Tamiya items are all sold out
All of our remaining inventory is in the following categories listed below.

1/16 RC Tanks & Accessories
* 1/16 Taigen Spare Parts
* 1/16 Tank Accessories
* 1/16 ABER Photo Etch Parts

Tank Models & Accessories
* 1/16 Tank Models (TAK161002 only 1 left)
* 1/35 Model Tank Accessories
* 1/35 Photo Etch Parts
* 1/35 Model Tank Zimmerit
* 1/24 & 1/25 Tank Accessories

HO Trains and Accessories
* Peco HO North American-Style Code 83 Flex Track, Box of 25 (2 Boxes remaining)
* Midwest Production - #3013 Cork Roadbed - 3' Sections, 25ct (Only 1 box available)

1/24 VsTank Pro RC Tanks
* VsTank Pro Hard Tread Set, PZ753, PZ754, KV1, KV2 Tanks (8 Available)
* VsTank Pro Soft Tread Set, Fits all M1A2 Abrams tanks (1 Available)
* VsTank Pro Abrams Photo Etch Kit (2 Available)
* VsTank Pro Tiger I Photo Etch Kit (10 Available)
* VsTank Pro T-72 Photo Etch Kit (4 Available)
* VsTank Pro Leopard2 A5/A6 Photo Etch Kit (5 Available)
* VsTank Pro replacement controller antenna, fixed (4 Available)

RC Rock Crawler Section
* GMade Skid Plate for R1 Axle (1 Available)
* JunFac R1 Delrin Skid Plate (1 Available)
* JunFac R1 Dig System (1 Available)
* GMade Adjustable Aluminum Link Mounts for R1 Axle (2 Available)
* GMade Adjustable Upper Link Mount for R1 Axle (3 Available)
* GMade Aluminum C-Hub Carrier 7 Degree (2) for R1 Axle (1 Available)
* GMade Low CG Battery & Servo Plate for R1 Axle (2 Available)
* GMade One Piece Knuckle Arm (2) for R1 Axle (2 Available)
* GMade R1 Aluminum Shock Brace (1 Available)

RC Rock Crawler


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